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Please pay attention for a safe and peaceful camping environment.

1. The prices are for each Tent. 

2. M At the end of your visit, we require our guests to visit the information desk before leaving.

3. Guest who provide their own tents can set it up in any of the designated spots.

4. Camp site is not avaliable for daily visits and picnic use.

5. Guests must put away their trash at only the designated spots at the camp site.

6. Outside of the designated spots in the camping site, no fire is allowed.

7. It is forbidden to use heaters, electric cookers and electric furnaces inside the tents.

8. Guests must respect other guests and should not create too much noise. 

9. Guests should pay for the time they are going to stay at entrance. But it is possible to increase the time of visit, if they choose to do so.

10. Leaving guests must put pack their tents by 12.00 but are not required to leave the permisses until dark. 

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